Pictures getting situated

I am doing alot of work on the pictures I post here, and how they appear and interact.  I think I have that aspect of the web working good enough for now, but I plan too greatly improve on it over time.

Since I have the basic layout and such working, I have started the importing of all the pictures I have taken throughout the years. This is more complicated than I thought. Turns out the meta data wasn’t preserved on many of my photos from the first time I developed them in lightroom and such. So, I have to go back and manually develop them again, and that is the most time consuming process. I can spend hours upon hours on one photo alone trying to get it to look the best, or at least close to how it appeared in my eyes in real life.

My original idea was just to do a mass import of the images from my old site, but they all had the watermark on them, which make it silly to use them here as well.

As time continues to flow, you’ll notice more and more pictures popping up on the site. I am trying my hardest to preserve the orginal EXIF info, so most of the images will be displayed in chronological order based on the date they were taken, which means that they’ll show up in older posts, so you’ll have to go back in time to see them.

I plan on doing much more work in the future with photography, videos, graphics, and more!

Stay tuned!

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