New Logo and Layout

I have been wanting to update the BoredWorks logo and the sites layout for a very long time, and guess what? I’VE FINALLY HAD THE TIME AND WILL POWER TO DO IT! 
The older layout was very simple and dated:

Old site Layout

You can also view an archive of the older layout at Web Archive.

I have also made a new logo for BoredWorks, which is based on our even older logos.
The previous logo:

and the new:

As you can see, the new logo is much more artistic and cool looking. I do want to incorporate the face into the logo some how, and will still use it going forward in some way, but not sure how the moment.

I have also enabled SSL on the website, so you’ll know that your visiting the site is secure! There are always problems when first enabling SSL on a website, hopefully we there won’t be any, but contact me if you come across anything.

That’s it for now!


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